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Quick Guide: Buying Sunglasses Online

Despite our love for having anything and everything delivered straight to our door, sunglasses are still one of the most daunting items to purchase online.

Buying a pair of shades is a visceral process: you feel the weight in your hands, try them on and test the fit, check yourself out in the mirror at every angle, send a selfie to the squad for approval.

You don't get any of that when you order a pair of sunnies online. Instead, you guess at what you want, wait patiently for them to arrive, and when they do, you excitedly tear open the box...

These don't look nearly as cute on me as they did on the model.

Ugh, they are nothing like I imagined.

Why are these so small?!?

Is it even possible to get cute sunglasses online?

Have no fear! We're giving you a quick guide to shopping for sunglasses online, without the disappointment.


What kind of shopper are you? This little personal factoid is going to determine how easy it's going to be for you to shop for sunglasses online.


Type A: I Know What I Like

You know what you like, and it's very specific. Your favorite pieces become your signature look. Forget trends, you want classic pieces that will stay in style forever.

Creatures of habit like you have it super easy when it comes to shopping for sunglasses online. If a classic pair of aviators is your go-to style, you know you're most likely to hit it off with Champagne. No guesswork there.

Your best way to shop for sunglasses online:

Take your favorite pair of sunglasses, compare the shape and measurements, and choose the closest match. Add to cart, checkout, done.


Type B: I Like Everything

You know what you like, and it's pretty much everything! You see it, it looks cute, you want it. Trouble is, you end up with a lot of things that don't work for you, and all that unwanted stuff turns into closet clutter.

Clicking that "Add To Cart" button can be all too easy for some fashion lovers. The "it's cute, I'll take it" mindset rarely results in cherished pieces. You may feel like you've tried it all and nothing ever works.

Your best way to shop for sunglasses online:

It's time to take a step back and focus on the basics: fit and style.


The most important factor in choosing a new pair of sunglasses is fit. If they aren't comfortable, you're never going to wear them. Measure a pair of glasses that fit well - even if you're not in love with the style - and use those to find online styles that are going to fit similarly. If you don't have a well-fitting pair, you can always use your facial measurements.


Once you've passed the fit test, it's on to the hard part: choosing a style. Your face shape is going to determine which styles will look amazing on you, and which styles won't. Eliminate everything that too closely mimics the shape of your face or isn't in the right proportion, even if you are madly in love with the look of a pair. For example, no small round sunnies for large round faces. This part is key. Do not let your impulses and emotions take over. Simply put, you want something that contrasts with your face shape and is proportional to the measurements of your face. If it doesn't work with your face, you're not going to love it when it's on, no matter how cute it is on the rack or the model. Once you're able to narrow down what's going to look good, then you can have fun with details like accents, colors, and materials.


Type C: Save Me, Please!

You kinda know what you like, maybe. Or maybe not. You'd rather not shop at all. You just want to put it on, look fabulous, and go. Anyone know an affordable personal shopper for hire?!?

You're the hardest type to shop for, especially online. Lucky you! You could go through the steps of an "I Like Everything" shopper to find your perfect pair of sunnies, but you're probably going to fall back on your favorite adage: Ain't nobody got time for that.

Your best way to shop for sunglasses online:

Here's a style secret for you no-fuss ladies: aviators and wayfarers look good on everyone. That's why they are classics that never go out of style. Keeping it simple? Find a pair of basic aviators or wayfarers and you're good to go. Feel a little trendy? Choose a mirrored pair of modified aviators, or an oversized wayfarer in a pop of color. As long as they're not too big or too small, you're going to look fab.


There you have it. Finding a great pair of sunglasses online isn't really as hard as it seems. Are you ready to give it a try? We've got some gorgeous sunnies waiting for you in the shop.

And if, after everything, you still end up with a pair you don't love? Our Look Amazing Guarantee lets you send them back within two weeks, on us, for a full refund.

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